Chris B

“He took on a divorce case for me and allowed me to keep my house. 

He went the extra mile and was available anytime I needed him. 

Ken is very compassionate and will help you win!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Timothy K

 “I have worked with Ken for over 20 years and he is an asset to the profession. Has a good working knowledge of many areas, especially probating estates. He is serious, hard working, and will be a good fit for many a client.” 

Success Stories


Not Guilty Verdict

Recently another law firm hired the Thompson Law Firm with 3 days notice to handle a reckless driving jury trial.  That law firm believed there was a 5 percent chance of winning.  We took those odds and used them in our favor and won.   


Protecting Children

A client had filed their own custody, support and parenting time motion then hired the Thompson Law Firm the week before their hearing.  We spent two days working through the night to amend their paperwork.  A child was in a dangerous situation with one parent and we successfully had parenting time suspended with that parent.  


Car Accident

Recently a client had pulled out in front of a moving vehicle and received a ticket for No Proof of Insurance and failure to yield causing an accident.  We successfully had that criminal charge dismissed to just impeding traffic, a no point offense and minimal fine.